Mixofon Studio


for classical music









The Persian composer, Bābak Golestani was born on august 1981 in Tehran and immigrated to Switzerland years ago and graduated in music and media arts (Sound Arts and Electroacoustic Composition) from the Bern University of the Arts.
He is a composer of chamber and experimental (algorithmic / acousmatic) music and works also as Tonmeister with classical and as mix/mastering engineer with non-classical musicians.
Mixofon Studio is equipped with some of the best microphones, two of the most precise monitoring systems, professional hardwares (processors and EQs) and an archival grade AD/DA converter for different situations.









(Mixofon is not allowed to upload all the projects here,
e.g. some orchestral recordings
and recording/mastering of
some other classical singers/musicians,
because of copyrights)

Yet, your drunken eyes in haste (3 Celli and Double Bass)

Sepid beholds her visage under the moonlight (2 Celli and Piano)

Gaze at the jesting narcissus, that blossoms before you (Piano)

In the abyssal depth, in the nebulous lagoons (Piano)

Zar (Quartett)